Uyare ★★★½

There's a lot of unnecessary melodrama here and Bobby & Sanjay might need serious consultation in writing courtroom scenes. But, honestly none of those issues matter because

- It follows a woman who had to go through traumatic experiences on account of her gender.

- It portrays a toxic relationship in a convincing and relatable manner.

- It properly paints the picture of a possessive, insecure, misogynistic asshat of a man who scarily resembles an average Malayali guy. (Those who even attempt to justify any of Govind's actions in the name of "mental illness" might need counseling)

- It politely says no to a potential romantic subplot in the latter half of the film that would have taken a bit of the power away from the final punch.

- It got its priorities right when it comes to picking the right kind of resolution to the story: a truly meaningful moment for the victim as opposed to a fairly inconsequential court verdict.

- Great performances from everyone including Parvathy, Asif and Siddique. Tovino is positively bubbly.

More of these please!

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