The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

What fantastic storytelling! My personal stance on life in general is that, when used properly, a touch of humor improves everything. I’m a horror hound and my all time favorite movie is Evil Dead (and ll) because the humor adds to your affection for the characters, and your involvement in the story. This film is a perfect example of that. It is still dramatic, and the time period is not lost due to it, the humor honestly just enhances everything. The last third of the movie is all serious, but taken more seriously because of what comes before it. Directorally, there are very interesting choices made here with camera angles not normally used for time period pieces. I honestly can’t say whether I enjoyed them or not, they were a little jarring, but that could be just because it was different. The music was on point! The acting, absolutely fabulous from all.


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