Certified Copy

Certified Copy ★★★★★


You think with time, you've become wiser and more mature as a filmgoer and then you revisit Kiarostami's work and realize how he's still so philosophically rich and way fucking ahead of you at every single step. What an extraordinary narrative structure and immaculate framing mechanism... His ability to be cinematic yet remain completely grounded at the same time is a thing to behold here. There's something unique as to how Kiarostami understood and saw the life that consistently draws me in out of curiosity. And part of that sense of curiosity comes from the fact that he never took sides through its characters’ ideological motivation, but almost always asked the audience to decide for themselves and dissect on their own terms as what piece of the puzzle falls under fiction and reality.

I don't think I’m still quite there yet to fully grasp the intellectual entanglement of this thing. I do, however, admire its subtle beauty far better than I did as a teenager. Kiarostami truly was a poet.

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