Cosmopolis ★★★★★


Cronenberg takes a giant dump on the exploitation of capitalism and it’s glorious. The man dances around with the rhythm of the narrative but that’s not even the third great thing about the film. The matters of information and the matters of flesh become one and align in almost ruthless fashion. So sadistic and narcissistically pessimistic in its nature that Cronenberg even takes a hit on the victims who understand the functioning of the market yet relentlessly become part of it and see themselves as mere projectiles of their own fantasized versions within set boundaries of the system itself. It’s the ultimate manifestation of how you break your set limitations and then crumble under your own self-worth; only to find out and question the worthlessness of all tangible goods and services that has a currency of value. And the value of any substance is measured and designed to give an illusion of progress yet it halts and mercilessly obliterates everything in its path, leading to even further disparity in the distribution of wealth. And then there’s the allegory slash literal fixation of our lead protagonist with early death that presumably overshadows its purposeful intend of achieving fame. This is outright genius filmmaking and one of my favorites of the 21st century.

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