Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

Holy shit, holy shit, holy fucking shit

I haven't had a film experience like this since fucking Oldboy.

Love Exposure is a 4 hour japanese art film that is about Faith, Family, lust and most importantly Love. Don't let the long runtime fool you because this film is consistently entertaining throughout its runtime. This is a perverted film without any fucking nudity. The script is superb and the trio performances were terrific.

The best scene has to be the "Corinthians 13 speech".

I've heard that the original cut was 6 hours and I would love to see it one day.

Overall, Love Exposure is one of the best films I've ever seen that I find hard to review. This film has made me laugh and also made me cry This is definitely going into my favourites.

4 hours of fun and suffering

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