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  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Back to the Future
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Parasite

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  • Weathering


  • The Navigator


  • Go West

  • Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

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  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


    Spiderthing Spiderwhere All at Once

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Still one of the best films of the 21st century.

    It has the energy and charm of a b-movie, the scale of a blockbuster and the stylistic vision of an auteur film.

    Incredible world building, without any heavy handed exposition, and some of the best action scenes ever put to film.

    Just an absolute masterpiece.

Popular reviews

  • Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You!

    Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You!

    Imagine how good former professional athlete Frank Stone would be at Helicopter Hamburger.

  • Isle of Flowers

    Isle of Flowers

    Mr. Lund logged Isle of Flowers on Letterboxd.

    Letterboxd is a tool used by humans to discuss and review films.

    A film is a series of images shown in rapid succession to create the illusion of movement. Humans are able to understand and appreciate films due to their highly developed telencephalons.

    While logging this particular film on Letterboxd, Mr. Lund clicked a heart-shaped button.

    The heart is an organ present in most animals. Its function is to pump blood through…