Days ★★★★★

Of loneliness. A busy city that is endlessly flowing with people. Noises are perpetual but words are scarce enough to the point of facing extinction. The sound of pouring rain, of traffic, of bathing, of cutting vegetables, of making food and making love, of a music box.

Buying love. Sharing the sort of intimacy that cannot be put into words, but seeing it come to a close in a matter of hours. Temporariness is inevitable, yet clinging on to fleeting moments of love and affection is all you can do. You pay them, you talk to them, you give them a gift. They thank you; you are lonely enough to eat out with them.

And then you part. He becomes one with the crowd, as have many before him. As will many after him. You cry. Your days going on as before; one of many lonely nights and lonely mornings. One of many to yearn for someone's warmth.

Fall in love everyday, transient and ethereal as it might be.

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