Paprika ★★★★

Dream as a sacred property reveling in every moment of its bewildering incoherence, blending with reality and puzzling anyone who tries to make sense of it as ramblings surrounding the all-pervading influence of the past in the form of specific events shaping the characters' lives, and cinematic techniques which educate the watcher like a proud father opening up to his curious son about his hobby and being all giddy in excitement just while the physical, the virtual, and the dream worlds converge in a series of mind-bending encounters where scenes are repeated, the laws of nature are emphatically murdered, and human greed and obsession with absolute power is ultimately thwarted by love; skins are shed to reveal their true selves, and all that remains in the aftermath of the sensory assault is a trip back to the cinema, giddy with excitement and thoroughly anticipating the inevitability of being swept off their feet once again.

(Read HBSpade's excellent review here.)

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