• Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    At this stage in my life, I feel far too insignificant to write a few paragraphs of prose for Yi Yi and be satisfied with it. Nothing comes close. Please watch it.

  • Trust



    "I just happened to be here."

    Two fucked up people unacquainted with normalcy, and carrying with them the baggage of failed familial love and the consequential self-destructive tendencies.

    Accidentally entering each other's lives by the desire to be alone and finding in the other a person worth being alone with; ephemeral and ethereal as it ends up being.

    Constrained to adapting to a world that churns out zombified human beings whose work lives are lethally mundane and whose personal lives…

  • A Bride for Rip Van Winkle

    A Bride for Rip Van Winkle


    Naïve to a fault. Floating along the whims of your constantly changing fate; deceived by those you believe to the point that your life's path is penned by other authors, not yourself.

    The anonymity of virtual identities pervade the real world. A puppeteer swiftly enters your life, turns it upside down and lets your crumbling yet resolute self out into the real world once again.

    Commodification of humans. Fake friends, fake relatives, fake scoundrels. Comparing a lover you met online…

  • Exotica



    A narrative striptease; in no rush does the seductive exterior peel its layers away to reveal a void of heartbreak and sadness. Wounds of the past far too deep to ever heal; the type that keeps one up at night and would undoubtedly flash before one's eyes in their last moments.

    Grieving life's debris in a labyrinthine construct of lust with one, and hanging on to the illusion of normalcy through the other. A suffocating existence of incessant regret, denial,…

  • Labyrinth of Dreams

    Labyrinth of Dreams


    Allure of the unknown as a twisted cure for an agonizingly humdrum existence. Leaping into the arms of danger since it guarantees to provide some respite from a lifeless life.

    Stuck in a spiritless land amidst dull people and waking up every morning to work a job that is everything your dream did not make it out to be. The dullness is borderline lethal; you've followed the path of your dreams and it has gifted you with apathy.

    That's when…

  • Summer Palace

    Summer Palace


    Of big city dreams and cramped dorm rooms. Of sex as the pathway to liberation and captivity. Two people far too unstable for each other; enough to cause seismic shifts in each other's lives. Spanning cities and decades, those regrets surrounding love and betrayal echo in their hearts for as long as we see them.

    Sexual liberation amidst political turmoil. Days of youth as the meeting point of intense attraction and destructive decisions, always leading to letting go of a…

  • Violent Cop

    Violent Cop


    Violence as the pinnacle of futility. Morality as a relic of the past definitively conquered by shades of grey in a world all too colourless to concern itself with that archaic term anymore. Actions on both sides of the law are identical enough to not be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

    Venomous, trigger-happy people on either side of the law collide; their lives not precious to them. People associated to them and innocent bystanders alike fatally suffer the consequences of being collateral damage. Death and devastation doesn't lead to permanent changes. The same roles remain; old cogs in the machine replaced by new ones.

  • Angel Dust

    Angel Dust


    Tokyo as a sweeping green-lit urban sprawl of everything and nothing all at once. Crammed subways, secluded alleyways, and busy streets and stations share the common trait of being fatally unsafe for women unlucky enough to be the next victim breathing their last breath without a moment's respite.

    This modern hellhole is suffocating; its vastness devoid of any semblance of warmth and affection. People find themselves slipping away from human relationships. And that's when it begins: a remorseless infestation of…

  • Tokyo Blood

    Tokyo Blood


    Children of the sun and the universe; seduced and foresaken by the cosmos. The larger the city, the harder it is to escape from the cards that you've been dealt. When fate has you in the world's largest city, it is impossible to run away. Not a soul that knows you, but many that have seen your face just as you've seen theirs.

    The endless sea of people seem like ghostly apparitions. Streets feel desolate and abandoned despite the perennial…

  • Two-Lane Blacktop

    Two-Lane Blacktop


    Infinite emptiness. No beginning and no end; just the supposed coexistence of freedom and aimlessness for free birds not tied down to a place or a person. Unexplored past, ever-changing past, non-existent past, worthless past. The past might weigh heavy on them, or it might not mean anything at all. They don't let us in on their lives.

    Operating on the roar of the engine that overtakes their silence and converses with them. The landscape is hypnotic and the road…

  • Magnolia



    "I'll tell you everything, and you tell me everything, and maybe we can get through all the piss and shit and lies that kill other people."

    A kaleidoscopic look at the human condition. Fate at its most mystifying; its coincidences far too grand to be seen as merely just coincidences. People make mistakes and have regrets that last a lifetime. They take advantage or get taken advantage of. They are scarred and traumatised. They hurt and get hurt; love or…

  • A New Love in Tokyo

    A New Love in Tokyo


    Amateur theatre actor by day, dominatrix by night. Reading scripts, giving pleasure by breaking egos; one swing of the whip at a time. She's Rei.

    A call girl who yearns for the seemingly sweet paradise of marrying her boyfriend. Her dreams are almost within her grasp, or so she thinks. She's Ayumi.

    Inevitably crossing paths and beginning a friendship. The epitome of living wild and free. Being part of a community that often exists in the periphery of society, but…