An Inconvenient Truth ★★

I remember this being a cultural lightning rod when it came out. (As a teenager in a "global warming is fake" household, I had no interest in seeing it then.) Catching up with it now, I'm guessing that resonance was thanks solely to the urgency of its subject matter. As a call to action, it's noble. But as a movie, it's a very solid pamphlet. Director Davis Guggenheim awkwardly tries to construct an issue advocacy doc out of two disparate halves: a slideshow concert movie and a biographical profile of Al Gore. The latter strikes me as mostly superfluous—sure, he's led an eventful life, but it's of dubious relevance to the topic at hand—while the former's very Climate Change 101 and sprinkled with the kind of corny jokes a lecturer tells to keep college kids engaged. I salute An Inconvenient Truth's good intentions and I do think someone who's never heard of these concepts before could find it enlightening, but it's a really underwhelming documentary.