I Want What I Want ★★

Chintzy, overwrought curio in which a young trans woman (played by a cis actress) leaves home, buys some floral gowns, applies false eyelashes, and starts a new life. Every trans cliché that I internalized growing up has been written into her story. Here she is fetishistically caressing nylons and high-heeled shoes. There she is gazing into a mirror, soliloquizing at her male and female selves. She's unlovable until she can undergo The Surgery; euphoric the instant she wakes up from the operation. She's a tragic, pathetic shrinking violet, the heroine of a leering melodrama that nonetheless replicates a handful of real-life experiences. Like the medical authority who acts as if he knows your life better than you do. Or the strangers whose eyes seem to follow you when you're out and about in public. Tell a crude trans story with enough compassion, and maybe you'll stumble onto some truth.