The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★

I think it's really astounding the world that was built for this movie. The only drawback of this movie is that it's sometimes confusing and lacks coherence, but there were some amazing surprises. I thought it moved with a relentless pace. The technical aspects are wonderful, shot composition, color palettes. All of that stuff is perfect. Alot of the way people act is aesthetic and at times cartoonlike. It's been years since I've been able to see Ed Norton as anything other than Ed Norton playing a character. Same with Jeff Goldblum. It was definitely fun and creative. And really thought the chase scene was amusing. I could say a lot about this film, but I was actually surprised at it feeling a little longer than expected. And Ralph Fiennes made the movie.

''...Did he just throw my Cat out the window?''

Requested by Mia