youare so tiny… and iam so big…

Favorite films

  • Wild Night in El Reno
  • Puce Moment
  • Lone Breaker
  • Bus Stop

Recent activity

  • Tell It to the Bees


  • Blonde Venus


  • Roman Holiday


  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail


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  • Spiral Jetty

    Spiral Jetty


    they told the helicopter pilot to fly as gay as possible

  • Mouse Heaven

    Mouse Heaven


    Mickey Mouse. We all want to be him. We've all thought about fucking him. For only $30/yr, the Mickey Mouse Fan Club sends you a monthly catalog of mantras, testimonies, and sacrificial rites, all designed to tune you into his frequency and secure your heavenly boon. At the moment of bodily death, call out for Mickey, Minnie, or their son, Walt, and we will arrive shortly to take you to your new home. To make this luxury reality last forever,…