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  • Love, Gilda

    Love, Gilda


    I think this is an unfair rating. I shouldn't have ever watched this documentary to begin with since IDGAF about Gilda Radner.

  • Cellular



    I jumped on this movie the second I heard How Did This Get Made would be doing their next show on it. Definitely looking forward to that.

    Holy moly, this movie is a trainwreck of dated, mid-2000s content. That, combined with a crazy plot, bad-guy Jason Statha, bro-dude Chris Evans, & overacting Kim Basinger makes this movie fall into the so-bad-it's-good category. Definitely HDTGM material.

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  • Joe



    From the man who brought you Pineapple Express & The Sitter comes a film featuring a beatdown so brutal it makes the curb-stomp scene in American History X seem like it belongs in Muppets Take Manhattan.

  • Big



    If you skip the first 20 minutes of the movie, it's just the story of an autistic man overcoming his hardships in the workplace.