Dune ★★★

an enormous visualization of herbert's original minus any of its psychedelic richness. thematically weightless and just so starved for the unnerving yuck of the novel; the feminine eugenics and looming threat of fascist self actualization are blown away in the wind. don't let yourself be tricked by any critic suggesting this is "thoughtful" or "slow paced" -- this is a blockbuster action film with jason momoa doing sword fights. if this is the what we think of as slow, the condition of film viewing is even worse than i thought.

nevertheless, on its own and in function, dune is deeply handsome and inhabitable. two and a half beautiful hours in the imax. and charlotte rampling is cast to perfection.... there are worse ways this could have been done. but the project is so obsessed with avoiding mistake or idiosyncrasy that it reads as just extremely inoffensive. bland, sand piling up on sand....

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