Tenet ★★

sometimes it feels like nolan is trying to abandon all plot and character for what he's best at -- fabulous practical effect overkill -- and yet all the same, here he is for nearly three hours EXPLICATING and PLOTTING ! so much TALKING! like shut up the fuck up !! he insists on grinding the movie to a violent halt dozens of times to show two characters walking somewhere and explaining something thoroughly stupid to one another. lest they try philosophizing, like please leave the analysis of the passage of time to women. i've yet to see a man successfully do it. anyway, it's a shame nolan can't trust his instincts and make some dumb brawny set piece extravaganza because there's a lot of nifty little ideas all over the place here. but instead of just giving us that he subjects us to WOMAN, who is nothing but MOTHER and VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and MAN, who is HOT and QUIPPY. now watch them spit out platitude after platitude. just pilot some more planes into the airports, i'm begging you

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