As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below ★★

I love me some found footage movies, but this ain’t it, chief! From the dialogue in the first ten minutes (when the cave is crumbling apart the main character insisted to stay and yell “My father has searched his entire life for this!”.. Or.. 2 seconds after she just barely couldn’t escaped the crumbling ruin, Reza, the companion with the most Iranian name ever, told her proudly “You remind me so much of your father”)  you could tell this movie would suck but I did continue as it plays on Netflix in the background TV while I was working. 

At some point in the middle the story is actually getting a bit interesting, almost kinda like Indiana Jones with all those treasure conspiracy bullshit crap. They setup the character roster with the most annoying people on this planet. And when they started to roam around the cave it’s actually a bit promising; the massive yet tight cave setting is pretty convincing, my claustrophobia is really intensely triggered, the atmosphere is quite eerie. Only to fall apart minutes afterwards.

In the end, the movie tried to be everything and it lost its cohesiveness greatly. Lost also the scary tense vibes built at first, to be barraged by constant jumpscares on the last 20 mins. The conclusion that doesn’t make sense at all, with some key moments that in the end left unresolved. It’s a frustrating one, but totally an easy target if you want something to nitpick and write paragraphs of how bad the movie is, making it a fun one as well.

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