My Name

My Name ★★★★

Another Netflix original from South Korea that could be a follow-up haymaker after the hit that is Squid Game, My Name is an action/crime-thriller drama about a girl who seeks revenge after her dad killed by unknown assassin. After went through plenty of shit, she got tangled in the middle of cat and mouse chase between the mafia and police corps.

It took every little thing from action thrillers we love, and mashed them up into one with proper balance; there are undoubtedly influences from Infernal Affairs, Breaking Bad, Bourne trilogy, The Raid 2 (how they just inverted the spy planting from mafia to police instead, the red corridor fight, the brutal knife fight which also reminds me of the Man from Nowhere). How they capture the clarity and fluidity of the relentless fight is also admirable, by that you can tell that most of the fighting sequences are done by the actors themselves. While the plot sometimes falter into a predictable territory (with all those complicated crisscrossing allies and foes- think of the Villainess but this one is much more evenly paced so much easier to comprehend), the solid motivation & the burning revenge from the main character could be the driving force that would keep us engaged through episodes. It’s only 8 x 45 minutes so won’t waste a lot of your time.

Directed by Kim Jin Min who brought us the excellent Netflix original miniseries about cat & mouse chase as well, Extracurricular, My Name is a smartly, efficiently done thriller with right amount of brutal actions (Black Widow, take some lesson). I’m bumping up half a star because this show deserves more attention.

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