Tampopo ★★★★

First knowing this from Edward Norton’s interview about his top 5 favourite movies, then it’s just reappeared again after reading awesome reviews from my good Letterboxd friends pretty recently. After finished this I could conclude that this is pure healthy amount of wholesomeness for your mind and mentality. As a fake connoisseur of ramen and a gamer myself, the journey of reaching perfectness on ramen-making and the RPG element of recruiting friends along the way are a perfect, interesting combo. Once, I saw a short doc of a ramen chef forge as well as dedicating himself to the profession, a true discipline that out of this world. With watching this it’s adding depth and my appreciation level much more to the world of Japanese culinary.

Not only because of the main topic, how the characters shown and the story presented are also something else different. When they sold this is as a noodle-western (against spaghetti-one and others spaghetti wannabes), this truly deserved that brand and I could easily bought the idea. The movie also comes with bonuses, side quests that touched other’s people life and it’s shocking and hilarious as hell — I was rewatching Chungking Express around same time and discovered minor similarities on how it’s connecting such randomness, it was interesting.

While from visual stand, there’s a small point that left to be desired but all in all this is a really good watch. Watch it especially at time you need one hell of a mood booster.

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