Havenhurst ★★★½

Yet another film I found entertaining but the critics not

What made me give this film a nice rating was its storyline capacity, as much as horror films tend to use cheap thrills and weak plot points to drive their stories, Havenhurst tried to avoid plot holes, and it had a very consistent one (at least on its first half). The acting performances were good, and the suspense was played nicely.

What I would agree with the critics about is that there was enough room (see the pun) for improvement, and build up an overall realistic characters rather than fictionally dysfunctional ones.

The side story about H. Holmes serial killer (If you don't know him, then chances you're going to love Leonardo DiCaprio's next film) was just dull and useless, and I wished the story wasn't revolving around him (When I first saw the portrait of the serial killer, I only thought "So this house is like Holmes hotel, good idea", it was a very good idea rather than "So this film is all about Holmes himself, still alive and doing what he does best! what bullocks".

I gave this 3 stars plus a half for all the positive elements I mentioned.