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This review may contain spoilers.

I haven't seen Zootropolis (Zootopia) yet, but I can feel that The Red Turtle was worthy of that Oscar.
The storyline was just great, mixing reality and dreams in a speechless script about a shipwreck survivor who finds himself in a deserted island he can't escape from because his handmade ship gets wrecked again every time.

I liked the characters of the film, each had their own story, ambitions, fears, feelings, and the writers made an amazing job turning that into one beautiful plot.

The music was phenomenal, and the Studio Ghibli's contribution was so welcomed, the animations and drawings looked vivid and amazing. I realised I was going to give The Red Turtle 4.5 stars overall, but that ending, and the realisation I had in my mind that everything that was happening was just the imagination of the main character, left me speechless (It's a theory, but it might be what it is).

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