XX ★★★

XX is a 4-stories film with female characters, made by female directors, so it's a fresh type of collaboration that some might turn down as "feminist rants" while other will praise for "empowerment".

I identify as none of the above. XX was a good experience, quite unique and it had its good moments and its flaws. But one thing for sure! this film was entertaining to a certain point, for the stories I rate them:

- The Box: 8/10
- The Birthday Party: 7/10
- Don't Fall: 5/10
- Her Only Living Son: 4/10

Between the story, you get the chance to watch those dolls stop motion animations, and I loved them. I wish there was a connection between all of the films, but it was a missed opportunity.

Overall, this film feels like an art film, despite being an easy to forget one.

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