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Lowery Lane

David Lowery’s entire filmography is preoccupied with the idea of myths - tall-tales, or malleable, personal memories - controlling peoples’ lives. His adult characters continuously choose to believe in these idealized stories because they help ground their lives in a structured reality. Without this, they risk facing an uncertain world that may challenge them. Or, maybe even chooses to exist without them.

The allure of Lowery’s films is that it engages with this idea of a world existing outside of the idealized myth on two levels. The first is a formal, genre-subversive one. Here, the traditional genre template acts as the governing myth that Lowery then collapses to demonstrate the possibilities of venturing beyond these codes. For instance, in his…

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  • A Ghost Story


  • The Old Man & the Gun


  • The Year of the Everlasting Storm


  • Pete's Dragon


  • Ain't Them Bodies Saints


  • The Green Knight


  • St. Nick