Aaron Movie

Aaron Movie

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  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • The Last Boy Scout
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • The Mummy

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  • Hell Hath No Fury


  • Sweet Virginia


  • Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon


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  • Gold



    I expected him to take it for the meat.

    I’ll tear down all your confidence, but no offense.

    Why does this guy attract so many flies?

    Perfect timing. I hope he keeps it with him from now on.

    If you’re left on your own work on your cover story.

    This visitor is gonna be nasty.

    Take the boots.

    That’s not a deep hole.

    This is not a sanitary place.

    This does not qualify as "Action".

  • Hell Hath No Fury

    Hell Hath No Fury


    That’s a powerful handgun.

    Why’d he take the helmet off? Oh I see… you can now see clearly he’s a lunatic.

    That’s a lot of ammo and a lot of misses for close range.

    How’d he get out himself?

    That is a LOT of dust on his hat.

Popular reviews

  • The Sure Thing

    The Sure Thing

    Wow! That is 80s font.

    That is a creepy and obvious innuendo.


    These are freshman sized classes? Looks like high school sized classes.

    He certainly is dramatic, but at least he commits to it.

    Who puts "news" in their schedule?

    I've been on a college building roof, but I was there to watch fireworks. Unfortunately the next year I tried I was met by campus security.

    "Did I hurt you..." HILARIOUS!

    Uh oh.

    "I'm talking to you cordless" :)…

  • For Ellen

    For Ellen


    Painful viewing reflective of character's emotion. Another excellent job by Dano, a new favorite.