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  • The Marksman

    The Marksman


    Strap in for another Liam action film. Could go either way.

    There is not that much blood on the coyote.

    I never though about it before, but if you live close to a border you probably have a flag.

    Just like Red he’s tired of being Santa Clause :)

    He understands.

    Hey, that passport photo doesn’t look like them.

    Mr. Billings, or whatever his name is, is going to suspect foul play.

    Wednesday? Did they show the day before now?…

  • Daredevil


    I'm certainly not going to watch this again. I think two stars is generous given my recollection. I distinctly recall the playground fight scene making me cringe.

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  • For Ellen

    For Ellen


    Painful viewing reflective of character's emotion. Another excellent job by Dano, a new favorite.

  • mother!



    By request.

    I like the "protozoa".

    Very stiff walking.

    Something strange is afoot. Odd glance from the doctor.

    He doesn't get the hint the first time? And then flicks it on the porch?! What a subtle a-hole. He still may be nicer than the husband.

    I am already freaked out by the way this is filmed.

    You're gonna take some old meds form the 1920s?!

    No hiding her surprise at nearly every comment.

    That is extremely person! Get out! Wow!…