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  • Death Race

    Death Race


    Since when do crowd control cops beat their shields?

    That blows. But why?

    Joan Allen is pretty bad ass in whatever I've seen her in.

    Feel they could have gotten through the first 40 minutes in a lot less time.

    Just making sure :)

    "My heroes"... Ha! That doesn't even make sense.

    Why is she addressing the entire prison? As if more than 2 specific men are racing. Stupid.

    Cool music though.

    The head guard has an evil chin.

    Jason's narration makes me want to reconsider my life.

  • Samson


    Good idea for a movie. Let’s see how it goes.

    Why do they have a hole?

    He is huge!

    Oh no! You’ve lost 10 of your 300 gold pieces.

    Guards! These guards are interfering with commerce!

    These guards are obviously not paid well. They are barely running.

    The Tribe of Dan?!

    That guard is a fool for not wiping the blood from his blade. It’s gonna be smelly and stick and rust quicker.

    I’ve lost interest.

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  • mother!



    By request.

    I like the "protozoa".

    Very stiff walking.

    Something strange is afoot. Odd glance from the doctor.

    He doesn't get the hint the first time? And then flicks it on the porch?! What a subtle a-hole. He still may be nicer than the husband.

    I am already freaked out by the way this is filmed.

    You're gonna take some old meds form the 1920s?!

    No hiding her surprise at nearly every comment.

    That is extremely person! Get out! Wow!…

  • Undefeated



    Touching and inspiring documentary. I cried.