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  • The Dead Zone

    The Dead Zone


    His students do not share his sense of humor.

    Highly inappropriate behavior for teachers.

    An old man, not a teenage, running the coaster? Bogus.

    The old man’s needless line shows the complete lack of frugality. That cost them for his speaking part.

    I can’t stop thinking how horrendous his haircut is.

    Setup for the big fall.

    Milk. How wholesome.

    He couldn’t see that in time?!

    I hope that isn’t whole milk?


    Give the man some chap stick.

    Answer the…

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    And what do you think he will do if you succeed?

    Welcome Claude.

    That is a massive adapter!

    He’s making up for all the previous movies.

    We are moving back and forth quick.

    No fun for the passengers.

    Make sure you get his stuff too.

    I’m beginning to think the end is a switch.

    I hope he changes his clothes.

    Don’t tell me there is only one?

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  • mother!



    By request.

    I like the "protozoa".

    Very stiff walking.

    Something strange is afoot. Odd glance from the doctor.

    He doesn't get the hint the first time? And then flicks it on the porch?! What a subtle a-hole. He still may be nicer than the husband.

    I am already freaked out by the way this is filmed.

    You're gonna take some old meds form the 1920s?!

    No hiding her surprise at nearly every comment.

    That is extremely person! Get out! Wow!…

  • Mute



    This page intentionally left blank.

    Cool time jump.

    Drone dinner.

    Love the look of the goon with glasses.

    Always The Clapper in the future.

    Inception bowling.

    What a responsible dad.

    I’m sure he’s seen people drive in movies... oh wait.

    Creepy silent peeps.

    Uber book repository.

    That’s some mighty fine print.

    It’s like a magic trick.

    Oh god...

    It’s complicated.