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  • Darktown Strutters

    Darktown Strutters

    One does not watch Downtown Strutters to be entertained. One watches Downtown Strutters to see wild fashion, motorcycle stunts, dancing, and general "what is going to happen next?" Some will laugh, some will cry, some will be offended. I couldn't tear my eyes or ears away.

  • The Iron-Fisted Monk

    The Iron-Fisted Monk


    Sammo Hung is proof god exists and loves us. Well, Sammo and beer.

    So in this one Sammo falls victim to the evil Manchus (and that scholar henchman trope) and is sent to Shaolin Temple to train in order to train other patriots to resist the Manchus. He's not an ideal student and leaves/is expelled in order to seek personal vengeance.

    Out in the real world again, he encounters more Manchu injustice and teams up with the titular character (I'm…

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  • The Hidden

    The Hidden


    A thoroughly 1987 movie, 'The Hidden' stars Kyle MacLachlan and his perfect coif chasing the murderer of his partner and family. The story has elements of Carpenter's 'The Thing', MacLachlan's uneasy portrayal, and the worst part of the synth score from the 'The Terminator'.

    If you're a fan of John Carpenter's sci-fi movies, 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers', or a stripper shooting a pump shotgun at cops, this movie might be for you.

  • Dredd



    This isn’t the movie Mega City 1 deserves, but it is the movie Mega City 1 needs. A violent, dark dystopia wherein Judges enforce the law with no remorse. In other words, fairly faithful to the comics I’ve read.

    The best comparison in terms of plot, tone, and production design is the first half of The Raid before all of the hand to hand combat began. 

    A good double feature with the 1987 Robocop, this is too dark and violent for many.