Heartbeats ★★★

“The only truth is love beyond reason”

The style in the opening, and interspersed, as an oblique Greek chorus detail their loves and love perspectives, feels close to mockumentary horror, and if I didn’t know the genre, I’d assume the next scene would be these goofs going on some poorly destined adventure. 

As it turns out, there are some goofs, and a poorly destined adventure, just not of the horror variety. 

The motif of “Bang Bang” is very fun in its clear foreshadowing of how all this plays out. 

Everyone is so earnest, yet reserved, and it’s very endearing. Not quite melodramatic in performance or staging, but in its essence. The performances of the main characters are largely restrained, but intense nonetheless. 

“Love without lust. Looooove without lust” 


Feel like the French title is better. 

I aspire to be a self satisfied Adonis.

If this is typical of Dolan’s style (this is my first), I feel like he’s influenced a lot of modern youth oriented tv in a way I can’t fully put my finger on right now.

Feel like there was opportunity for a “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” needle drop, but that’s a strong cannon in film so I get not having it. 

I’d love to watch My Fair Lady with Marie, I’d definitely be hooked by that bait. 

It’s in an odd position, because it’s both kind of cold and intensely romantic. Although honestly that works out, there’s a similar duality to modern romance anyways.

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