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  • ManHunt



    It's nice to see John Woo back in his old form but this film seriously needed a Chow Yun Fat or Tony Leung rather than the two rather dull leads here. And it's a pity he had to have the actors speak english for something like a third of the time. I'm not sure if the actors are that bad (they mostly seem fine when speaking in their native tongues but it's not always easy to tell when you don't…

  • Security



    I've been waiting for a "Die Hard in a Mall" movie my whole life and while this movie is mostly pretty mediocre DTV stuff it's still a "Die Hard in Mall" flick so I'm fine with it. It is actually slightly smarter than you'd expect and has some nice touches but it's also kinda bland and somewhat let down by it's low budget. Also, Antonio Banderas is incapable of acting badly and it's sad that he's not getting better parts these days.

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  • Assassins



    A guilty pleasure, of sorts. This has got to be one of the weirdest big studio action flicks, well, ever. For one thing it's got a hero who talks to himself more than any character in film history (except for maybe Sandra Bullock in Gravity) with about a fifth of the movie consisting of him chatting on the internet, often while talking to himself, with many, many shots of text on screen. This was apparently considered cinematic in 1995 when…

  • Better Off Dead...

    Better Off Dead...


    This movie is some sort of demented work of genius. Sure there are a few groaners, the ski plot is not terribly interesting and there's a couple of lame musical montages but otherwise this is as brilliant as an cheesy 80's teen comedy can get. It manages to be pretty consistently hilarious and batshit insane throughout its running time and for me that's all I really need. My two favourite requirements of a fun movie are hilarity and insanity and…