ManHunt ★★½

It's nice to see John Woo back in his old form but this film seriously needed a Chow Yun Fat or Tony Leung rather than the two rather dull leads here. And it's a pity he had to have the actors speak english for something like a third of the time. I'm not sure if the actors are that bad (they mostly seem fine when speaking in their native tongues but it's not always easy to tell when you don't speak the language) or if they just become much worse actors when speaking english, but I felt at times like I was watching dramatic scenes from a Jackie Chan movie. But hey, at least he handcuffs his leads together at one point and has them holding a gun at the same time so it's kinda like they're one guy shooting with two guns! It's also got a hesitating sniper scene like in THE KILLER, a boat chase like in FACE/OFF and someone even says "for a better tomorrow". But this really isn't much better than most of his Hollywood films. Not quite a comeback (though I still haven't seen RED CLIFF).