It's Such a Beautiful Day

It's Such a Beautiful Day ★★★★★

A still from the film

Man, even after the second watching of this beautiful gem, I'm without any words. I really didn't want to write anything, because I don't have the vocabulary to express how incredible this film is, but I might as well try it.

How can a film be this inspirational and heartbreaking at the same time? It has these polarities when you feel amazing in one scene and in the next one is a gut-punch, you laugh for the character, because of the great dark humor and you feel for his pain. It's brilliant.

It's remarkably well structured and even though in the first two acts it feels scrambled and all over the place, the third act ties it together perfectly. You can even watch the 3 chapters alone, one by one, and they make great short films, but tied together they give the whole story a different meaning. Heck, even the simple drawing is given a reason. It's a great wrapped up gem. The themes which in scope are huge, given that they are about life and death, love and despair, are visually manifested with gentle and fantastic touch and the pacing is perfect. Even though the film is surreal and doesn't follow a straight story line, it never feels exhausting. It has the perfect balance in the story between well written and understandable connections and enough space for open interpretations.

I told you I couldn't explain well enough how remarkable this film is. No one can. It's not a film you describe to someone, it's a film you and only you, as an individual, feel, through your own experience and intuition.

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