Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★

In some ways, this is certainly watchable. Probably even more so if you’re high off your ass. The thing is, it’s a undeniable mess of monster proportions. I went in thinking I’d get another game franchise that Paul W.S. Anderson would end up adapting into a soulless slog, and while it wasn’t exactly terrible, the latter term surely fits. To put it more eloquently, this was really just an over-stylized, shallow and rather pointless excursion. Many of the stars in this case are so clearly here for the paycheck, and it blatantly shows through their scarce screentime. While you could commend this movie for being unapologetically itself through and through, that attitude kind of lives in the shadow of its critically mishandled narrative and everything else it doesn’t get right. With accounting for some solid CGI and practical effects, it still was ultimately a very rushed and sloppy experience with often poorly-made action sequences that ended up justifying my below average expectations. But hell, if you decide to turn off your brain to a certain degree, you just might find some enjoyment to be had.

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