Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ½

A remarkably painful, unfortunate and shameless IP orgy that not only somehow manages to outdo something as despicable as Ready Player One, but generally just made me want the Party City Droogs to crawl out of the movie and beat me senseless. Of all this movie’s elements, how do you make a posse as effortlessly entertaining as the Looney Tunes feel so lifeless? I also feel that if Hollywood had any shred of integrity left, they would never let Malcolm D. Lee handle another franchise again. The dude’s taken on Scary Movie as well as Space Jam now, but has achieved the feat of helming two aggravatingly intolerable sequels that really should’ve been at least bearable? In the end though, I can now say I’ve seen the face of God and it was a fucking Warner brother.

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