2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★½

My fourth time watching it, this time in cinema on 70mm for its 50th anniversary, but reluctantly I still have to stand by my opinion on liking, not loving it. I wish I could just say it's the masterpiece everyone else is seeing, but it really isn't to me. When I struggle to stay awake watching it every time there has to be something wrong with its pacing. It is so unnecessarily slow, there could easily be cut 30 minutes. But you can't cut it because you would lose some of those amazing pictures, which to be honest is the whole draw of the movie.

Not only the pacing is a problem to me, also the story. Having read the book before seeing the movie I am baffled by how bad the story is shown seeing Kubrick worked with Arthur C. Clarke on the screenplay. Also some of the music is unbearable, basically everything by Ligeti. I don't care how renowned he is or for whatever reason he created the sounds he did, it's awful. Completely ear bleeding garbage I don't want to endure at all. I always dread re-watching the movie because I have to hear that. Even the apes screeching in the begining sounds better to me.

But after this mostly negative opinion piece don't think I hate it. I appreciate it very much and can't believe how good the effects and the overall visuals held up over 50 years, especially if you consider it was made before we put a man on the moon.

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