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  • The Mad Doctor

    The Mad Doctor


    There aren't too many unplumbed options for ol' Basil Rathbone, wot? I mean, Son of Frankenstein? A great movie, but completely talked to death. Sherlock Holmes? Jeez, I might as well talk about Casablanca, or Gone With the Wind. Otherwise, our diction master was a support player, and what fun is that on the man's day of birth? So, I dug about in the memory banks for the solution: the 1941 film, The Mad Doctor!

    In this very fun but…

  • Kitosch, the Man Who Came from the North

    Kitosch, the Man Who Came from the North


    Mountie Captain: "You've just made an enemy of White Wolf."
    Kitosch: "I did what??? I did no such thing! I only made friends with his wife, that's all I did!"
    Mountie Captain: "That's precisely what I'm getting at, and you know it. Indians don't like white men who make friends with their wives"

    One thing that should be known about me is that I'm a fan of Mountie stuff. Radio dramas, lobby cards, buttons, knick-knacks, swag and other Mountie-related…

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  • In Old Arizona

    In Old Arizona


    Cisco Kid was a friend of mine" ~ The Chicano band WAR ~ song: 'Cisco Kid'
    Along with the lyrics of the funky song mentioned above, most people today only know the southwestern hero character The Cisco Kid from the popular 50's television series starring Duncan Renaldo; in truth, the character of The Cisco Kid has a longer and broader history. I've been a fan of the show for most of my life (Cisco is on my list of hero…

  • Nine Hours to Rama

    Nine Hours to Rama


    'll start off this review of the 1963 British film 9 HOURS TO RAMA with a caveat of sorts. I have not generally minded, in a general sense anyway, the casting of white people as other races. The farther back you go in American (read: western) film, the more it's to be expected; human culture is made up of humans, and by their very nature, humans are tribalistic...and therefore more inclined to favor their own. Some of these generally unfortunate…