Sicario ★★★★½

One of the few films of last year to have a rapturous effect on my viewing. The movie's power is built entirely into its protagonist, Kate. We only know what she knows. We learn as she learns. It's a helluva script that keeps the audience in the dark. All the elements work to a glorious effect here. The tight script. The Acting (I'm undeniably in love with Emily Blunt). The gorgeously shot New Mexican desert by the brilliant Roger Deakins. And the overwhelming sense of dread that permeates the film thanks in large part to Johann Johannsson's droning score. 'Sicario' also boasts one of the most tense sequences put to film last year with a border crossing that will make you second guess travelling to Mexico. This is one of my favorite films from last year. Bring on the Blade Runner!

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