The Tribe

The Tribe ★★

'The Tribe' is the worst kind of "art film". The whole thing's a con. But because there's never been a film signed before or because there's rarely been a brutal abortion performed on screen, it's a glorious achievement to the critics.
Ask the filmmaker why he refused to provide subtitles and I'm sure you'll get some kind of artsy answer on the universal language of human emotion. Ask me and I'll tell you I have no fucking idea because this film desperately needed it. Not to dictate the plot, although some of the details would've been nice, but because there isn't an ounce of character development in this thing. We don't even know our protagonist's name, for fuck's sake!
The critic's summaries keep referring to a deaf-mute "navigating his way through the hierarchy of a boarding school for the deaf". Did these people even WATCH the film?!! There's no navigating unlike the main character in "The Prophet", which is a 100 times what this phony is! And why the long, uninterrupted takes of children fucking or an on screen abortion or school administrators eating sausage and taking shots of vodka? This film is over 2 hours long and there's only 80 minutes worth of material at best.
I'm also sure the moral of the story has a distinct line to Eastern European politics, but it was lost on me and quite honestly, I really didn't give a shit by the time the credits rolled. If I'm angry it's because I felt bamboozled here. Mostly because the critics don't have the balls to call this trash. You've been conned folks by a bunch of deaf kids with nothing to say! <----- pun maybe intended.

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