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  • Sarah Plays a Werewolf

    Sarah Plays a Werewolf


    Dieser Film hat mich aufgewühlt. Präziser wohl: er und ich haben mich aufgewühlt und zusammen wir ihn. Alles ist mir angespannt und beschmutzt. Ich fühle mich mir grade nicht in der Lage weiter konstruktiv auszuführen. Es verbleibt nur ein inneres Wabern und pochendes Stürmen. Denken fällt mir nur zu schwerlich zu.

    Sollte es sich legen, wird mehr und vielleicht klareres folgen, sehe ich mich dessen auch grade außerstande. Dies hier war der Versuch nach diesem Werk möglichst wahr und roh…

  • Whiplash



    This film seems highly problematic for me as it seemingly ( in my interpretation) redeems abusive and authoritarian scholarship, toxic relationship behavior as necessary sacrifice for greatness.
    It exploits the "artistic trope" the need for pain and suffering to create great Art and mostly forgets the drive of most out of free will creation: pleasure in your own doing and for Art >steady, long, consistent, healthy practice.
    If it hurts you with lasting damage, it most likely will limit your…

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  • Dancer in the Dark

    Dancer in the Dark


    personaly Dancer in the Dark, is for me the best kind of movie cinema has to offer.

    Beautiful, haunting, perfectly cut. The end lets me honest cry every time. björk is absolutely stunning. her story as selma mercilessly emotinal hard hitting and truly a testament of love. The Ost is just magical and shows the brilliance of björks and lars von trier work.
    He is probably one of the greatest directors of our time, at least for me, this is…

  • Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

    Ali: Fear Eats the Soul


    well… this film has very positive interesting and powerful shots, convincing cinematography.
    The main actors and some of the support cast have great chemistry.

    The downfall of it, its shortcomings for me are how it handles its topic.
    Im glad its trying.
    But it lacks nearly every kind of subtlety or depth and aims instead toward a wide range of elements.
    This way its full of surface level commentary, borderline comical depiction of sexism, racism etc. Only the main cast…