Promising Young Woman

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This review may contain spoilers.

i thought this was so poorly put together like what kind of rape revenge story ends with the cops saving the day and two victims dead... like what is this girl boss moment LMAO 
okay but...
i thought it was very entertaining but the fact that they made it seem like she put another women in the position to be raped??? i just don’t think that is an okay thing to insinuate in a movie like this which is not as heavy as the subject matter it feels like they use these very traumatic experiences as a shock factor but then ya know as the audience we are supposed to move on from it because near the end of the movie we find out that it didn’t actually happen and maybe i’m being a bit dramatic saying that i don’t think that is okay in this movie because i understand this can be viewed as a character study where revenge consumes someone but when it is more things then just simply a character study i don’t think it works but that’s just my opinion!!!

i also hate that she doesn’t live to see the justice happen i feel like it would’ve been better if she “saved the day” and finally got justice for nina instead of the cops because that is just very unrealistic as the justice system consistently fails rape victims , that’s the thing you would think they have not see the justice she deserves because it’s more realistic but then they have cops be the ones to make change!! or whatever idk

the cinematography is painfully bland as well as the soundtrack and the score , the more i really think about this the more i dislike it i just wish it was executed better

anyways ... i have never experienced sexual assault so i believe only those who went through something like that have a valid opinion on the way the movie approaches this heavy topic

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