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  • New Nightmare

    New Nightmare



    Viewed in 35mm 

    ”God wouldn't take me.” 

    Something that really struck me with this viewing was the portrayal of paranoia. Not once does Wes Craven choose to romanticize the depiction of mental illness, and always goes for the throat when it comes to tackling it head-on. The scenes with Freddy are so scary here because Wes really dives into what makes Freddy so powerful: his understanding. He knows what makes his victims tick, and how to manipulate situations for…

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges



    During an unexpected dawn, a Butterfly escapes its cacoon
    The flowers bloom with subtle care 
    as the fears that were seen ascend 
    Flying through the sudden new colors, 
    an answer seems to have been conveyed 
    Through the trials of harm, the sun shines high covering it all 
    Unaware, it ultimately asides 
    Like a flash, the Butterfly sees its truth all bare 
    As the Butterfly goes back into its cocoon, and all the colors despair, it realizes it never left its cocoon 
    At dusk, it lays its head down to rest, and it wonders: 
    ”In the end, aren’t we all just the little boy after all?”...

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  • The Princess Switch: Switched Again

    The Princess Switch: Switched Again



    Basically takes anything enjoyable about the first one, (which wasn’t that bad), and forces the cliché elements of the story down your throat. Doesn’t help most of the characters are just annoying this time around. I’m not trying to act like the first one was so great. It was just a decent, cheesy Christmas film. But this is a noticeable downgrade. It doesn’t even feel like a Christmas film.

  • Turkey Town

    Turkey Town



    this is literally the type of film that they show to torture people

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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems



    The best part of this whole experience was when Adam Sandler noticed a little kid in the audience. So, he asked him, ”Are you old enough to watch this? How old are you?”. The kid responds, ”I’m 10”. And, Adam literally said back, ”Ok, that’s old enough. Let’s fucking go!” 

  • The Simpsons Movie

    The Simpsons Movie



    There’s a moment in this where Bart is looking through luggage on a train, and finds a black bra in a passenger’s luggage. He then puts it on his head, and proceeds to say in a mouse voice the following: ”I'm the mascot of an evil corporation!”

    Ah, how ironic all these years later.