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  • Antichrist




    ”Nature is Satan's church.” 

    Still as terrifying and powerful as it was on the first watch. Rewatching this film made all the subtle textures even more evident to the eye. Filled with so much beauty and terror, Antichrist finds itself infecting the mind of the viewer like a long-lost lover. One of the absolute best horror films in recent memory. A modern day classic.

  • House




    I showed this to my friend today, who had no idea what this was about, except it’s considered one of the weirdest films ever made. Throughout the film, all the complex themes of witchcraft and love began to connect with him in ways very little forms of entertainment can. After the credits began to roll, he preceded to tell me this was one of his new favorite films, and immediately looked up how to buy the t-shirt and soundtrack. A proud moment for me, indeed.

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  • Invisible Stripes

    Invisible Stripes



    ”They always put your picture in the paper when they grab ya, but they never do when they spring ya.”

  • The Ocean Waif

    The Ocean Waif



    It’s really too bad that much of this film has either been damaged, or lost. Alice Guy-Blaché isn’t afraid of exploring very mature topics, as well as making a damn entertaining film. This is a story that if fleshed out better could really resonate with modern day audiences. A nice piece of film history.

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  • The Simpsons Movie

    The Simpsons Movie



    There’s a moment in this where Bart is looking through luggage on a train, and finds a black bra in a passenger’s luggage. He then puts it on his head, and proceeds to say in a mouse voice the following: ”I'm the mascot of an evil corporation!”

    Ah, how ironic all these years later.

  • Smallfoot




    If LeBron doesn’t win the Oscar for this, I’m officially boycotting The Academy.