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  • Death Note

    Death Note


    So I haven't read the book or anything so bear this in mind:

    I kind of enjoyed this. From what I've read the manga is far more morally complex and it's a shame the film doesn't delve into these issues as it could have been so much more, but as it is this is an entertaining but very flawed 100 mins.

    There are some really good things: visual aesthetic, the direction (most of the time), the performances (particularly Keith Stanfield…

  • American Made

    American Made


    The story is insane. This could be such a mess but it's pulled off fantastically. Doug Liman's direction is fanatastic. The film is paced really well and the camerawork and editing is perfect. This also includes Tom Cruise's best performance in years.

    Loved it.

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  • Dunkirk



    I saw this at the BFI IMAX in IMAX 70mm and it was one of the greatest theatre experiences I have ever had and will ever have. I can't understand how you could dislike this. I just loved everything. I've spent ages thinking about something to dislike in fear of just fanboyed but I just can't. This is a masterpiece.


  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming


    As a second reboot goes Homecoming is pretty great. 
    Tom Holland is perfect casting, embodying the spirit and personality of Peter Parker perfectly. 
    The film is light-hearted and fun and really funny, although it does lack some of the tension the Raimi films had, particularly in the action which is not as memorable or brutal, and lacks a killer moment like the train scene in SM2. 
    However, I don't think the film is trying to create that kind of aesthetic-…