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  • The Skeleton Dance

    The Skeleton Dance


    when the skeleton puts his hands on his hips and skips and then gets mad and throws his whole head at the owl? that is my entire personality

  • Alien Resurrection

    Alien Resurrection


    First thing I noticed about this Film is that there is a lot of looking, from the aliens. Alien comes into the frame, from the side, and observes something from afar like, “ah, what is this here. I’m going to kill it”. The camera keeps panning out and there he is! Welcome to this alien, who loves to look.

    Edit: Sigourney Weaver is always like, “you guys don’t want to do this. don’t have that alien!” and the scientists are…

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  • Aliens



    When the mom alien used the elevator it made me begin glowing because I had never seen such a perfect thing in a movie. Made me imagine her doing it at a Nordstrom

  • Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes


    this movie is nearly perfect but then--hold the phone, just hold my fucking calls--i get to be in it? they switch the camera and they talk to me? you've gotta be fucking kidding me, i get to be in this, this is the best. i love this. "i love this," i kept saying out loud the entire time. when gary sinese smiles, it looks like a beautiful, perfect U. if anything this movie made me realize one thing: boxers are up to their breasts in shorts, man. big, big shorts on those guys, fucking huge little pants. i love it, i fucking love it.