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  • Tabu
  • Moonfleet
  • Princess Yang Kwei Fei
  • Moon Warriors

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  • The Naked and the Dead

  • Between Heaven and Hell

  • American Guerrilla in the Philippines

  • L'Atalante

Recent reviews

  • The Naked and the Dead

    The Naked and the Dead

    Two men carried me eighteen miles through the jungle. A Baptist minister, and a wandering Jew. But they didn’t do it out of fear. They did it out of love. And they did something else besides save my life. They showed me something I’ve known all my life but I had forgotten: there’s a spirit in man that’ll survive all the reigns of terror and all the hardships. Man cannot achieve the authority of god, and no man, whether he’s a politician or a general, should try. The spirit in man is godlike; eternal, indestructible.

  • How Do You Know

    How Do You Know

    James L Brooks ambient cinema of communication. Adjacent monologues with no connecting thread; conversations without meaning. People struggling to understand each other. Too many words, not enough listening. Then, a pause. No more talking, only listening. A new kind of listening. Listening to the pulse of the moment, settling in to our surroundings. I am here, you are here, this feels good. I enjoy being in your presence; your eyes reveal your openness, your curiosity, and it is rubbing off…

Popular reviews

  • The Last Airbender

    The Last Airbender

    Watched on Nintendo 2DS.

  • Shanghai Express

    Shanghai Express

    Anna May and Marlene lounging around in a train car, phonograph setting the mood....what more do you need my friends