Gemini Man

Best movie of the century so far. Nothing hits me quite like the catacomb sequence—-one of the most emotional experiences of my life. The pain in their eyes is almost too much for me to handle; I want to give both of these guys a hug. Later on, Mary Elizabeth asks do you feel pain? and it felt like she was asking me this question. My answer is yes, yes I do. I need a hug too.  Luckily Ang gives me the cinematic equivalent of a hug, with the heavenly final moments, they give me hope, they give me hope that I can go out into the world again and be a great person, they give me hope that we can build a better world. A movie that is formally unparalleled, a movie that represents the future of the medium, yet the reason I will always return to it is because it is so emotionally open, and honest and true, one of those movies that breaks your heart but somehow also finds a way to put it back together again by the end.

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