World on a Wire ★★★★½

I had to watch this because of Brian Eno's obsession with cybernetics. He must've loved this movie. Further, I think that the look of Eva and Gloria inspired his glam look from 1973-1975. He could've easily been a character in this movie.

I've never seen a more brilliant use of mirrors and reflections in a single movie. So many mirror shots, so fun to watch! It played well into the notion of multiple realities. Loved the electronic score; and that use of Albatross was perfect. I had been listening to the track earlier today so to hear it pop up was awesome. That track combined with the excellent graphic design work makes for the best credits sequence I have seen.

I'm excited to check out more Fassbinder. This one was a skillful display of paranoia, and I loved how the score interacted with this paranoia. Also, the technological aspect was very interesting to me. If you like the Matrix and/or have simulation anxiety definitely check it out. It's a perfect balance of sci-fi and noir.

I'm gonna spend a lot of time living in 70s movies in the coming weeks, they just look too damn nice.

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