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  • The Boxtrolls

    The Boxtrolls


    Boxtrolls is delightfully odd. It's silly and gross enough for kids but artful enough for adults. Its messages are a mix of class, xenophobia, parenting and empowerment.

  • Divergent



    Disappointed in this film. Shailene's great performance is wasted on a dumb, long, unbelievable script. Time after time I had difficulty buying into this particular dystopian future, which is not a problem I have with films like Hunger Games.

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  • Citizenfour



    I am shocked Citizenfour is finding it's way onto so many top ten lists for 2014, because I thought it was a rather poorly directed documentary. That said, the subject matter is urgent and vital, and I learned something new (less about government surveillance and more about Snowden himself.) In the end, I felt as if the same material in a different director's hands might have led to a more watchable documentary that might have reached a wider audience.


  • Godzilla



    Godzilla is trite & silly, but fun. Achieves what Pacific Rim didn't, part homage, action, disaster. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is never believable in a pivotal role, and the noisy finale pulls out a few too many surprises, but still a fun movie overall.