Midsommar ★★★★½

The time was approximately 10:30pm. Midsommar was at its last minutes, nearing its ending. Then, after the final shot, movie cut to black, rolling credits. In the second row on the top, me, in awe, transfixed, still thinking about the culmination of events that took place, while in the very top row, a man could be heard saying "Whoa, what a stupid f***ing movie."

Ari Aster's second feature might be even more divisive than his debut Hereditary, which is sort of understandable. It blends in various genres, first and foremost drama, then horror, mystery, and at times even some comedy. So if you're expecting a pure horror movie, you will probably be disappointed.

I loved it, though. As my rating suggests, the movie is almost perfect in my eyes. The cinematography is exceptional, the scenes are exciting to watch from a technical standpoint alone, which easily helped me overcome the longer runtime. There are tons of long takes which I always appreciate a lot when done well. Despite all this, however, I can understand if people felt bored or they felt as though the scenes dragged, but to me they felt essential to the overall feel of the movie.

The music used was also great. Sometimes it was creepy, sometimes it was beautiful, and occasionally it was a blend of both.

The scary and tense scenes have plenty of "disturbing" in them, just like I anticipated and then some more. If I plan a trip to Sweden at any time in the future, I will definitely remember this movie and think twice about it.

The characters are mostly well-written, and the comic relief scenes pretty much never disappoint. For the most part, it's easy to understand their struggles. I suppose my only issue with the movie is that maybe one or two character actions I found to be odd, or rather it was something that they didn't choose to do. Nevertheless, Midsommar is a fantastic film that I will most likely revisit in the future to try and pick up on some stuff that may have missed on my first viewing, as it seems like the type of film that can offer something more on multiple watches.

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