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end okay today we're going to be talking

about why Sigma males are more

attractive than alpha males now a lot of

people didn't even know that Sigma

meadows existed until last week a lot of

guys didn't but a lot of guys did know

so we're having this debate in the

manosphere about alphas and Sigma's so

today we're going to go ahead and break

down the alphas and Cygnus now to most

of you guys your definition of a alpha

male is a guy who has money who has

women and who is good-looking that's

what you've been taught an alpha male is

all right what we're gonna do is we're

gonna break down those little

characteristics all right can beta males

have money yes majority of the

successful men in the world

are beta males you have to understand no

matter if you're alpha no matter if your

Sigma your beta Omega Delta Delta

wherever these mindsets are um mid-tower

red pill blue pill is all mindsets

when your mind change so does the type

of guy that you are all right it's all

about how confident you are to society

when it comes to these different

mindsets but when it comes to the

definition of them and what you've been

taught every man can have money and

still be weak every man can have women

and still be weak a lot of you betta

guys hat women the women just use you

when it comes to an alpha male the alpha

male doesn't get used by a woman now

when it comes to good looks

how many beta males out there good

looking a lot of beta males so when it

comes to the money when it comes to the

women and it comes to the good looks

they do not apply to an alpha male nor

do they apply to obey the medal because

these are things that can exist in every

sign so we're going to take that and

throw it to the side I don't want you to

use that as definition what we're going

to break down is the psychology of

things all right when it comes to alpha

and beta the alpha males lead the beta

males period all right Sigma males are a

form of alpha males

the difference is alphas are known for

lions for a reason because lions conquer

everything around them that's what they

do when it comes to the beta male the

Alpha conquers the beta male and uses

the beta male to get ahead the Alpha and

the beta male are part of the herd of

life you're part of the in-crowd they're

part of the herd so inside of the crowd

there's always leaders and amongst that

leader will be the alpha male the alpha

male is what leads the beta males when a

beta male wants to emulate a alpha male

they want to appear stronger they want

to appear more powerful which is why in

the gym you have a lot of beta males

that take the steroids that creatine

live in a gym so they can get big of a

difference so they can put off a

masculine aura because that's what

let's do now let's go back to the lion

when a lion wants to conquer or scare

people he roars

that's what alpha males do alpha males

talk their loudest alphas are more

aggressive than beta medals when a beta

male tries to argue an alpha male our

alpha male gets louder or alpha male

could be more physical because alpha

male is going to intimidate so when it

comes to just a mindset of an alpha male

what I want you to think about is the

lion the lion conquers other lioness and

then he forms his own group you have to

look at it like a gang look at the

Bloods and the Crips most of those guys

are beta males from broken homes but

they're led by a alpha male which would

be the toughest guy in the group that

goes right back to wolves wolves are led

by alpha males when they roll impact and

the lone wolf that rose by herself is

actually a sigma all right now we're

getting to the concepts you can be broke

and be a alpha male see your chance

entire rooms are alpha males they may

not even be doing better than a beta

male but being that they have a dominant

mindset this is what women are attracted

to they're not attracted to their money

they're not attracted to their looks

they are attracted to their dominant

mindset because it's so it shows

strength so when you come when you're

dealing with a alpha a alpha is a person

that's constantly aiming to conquer and

does not allow anyone to conquer him or

her but inside of that trait you have

Sigma mellows sigma males are the alpha

males that don't want to conquer they

want to be on their own some alpha males

thrive off the conquer ship but then you

have strong individuals which are Sigma

Mills Sigma males gain their power off

of loneliness

because Sigma males are not looking to

conquer any and everything but its own

that's why it connects more with a tiger

a tiger does not roll impacts unless his

mother and Cubs and today go out on

their own majority of tigers leopards

Jaguars they move individually now what

you must know about the Tiger the tiger

lives longer than the lion the tiger is

also bigger than the lion the maximum

size for a lion that you're probably

going to see it's 250 pounds when it

comes to a Siberian tiger which is

probably the biggest tiger they're going

to get up to 700 pounds the average

lifespan for a alpha lion is going to be

16 years the average lifespan for a

tiger is going to be 22 y less damaging

less trouble less drama easier life you

have to understand alpha stay in more

trouble because they constantly have to

prove their dominance see that's why I

tell you you don't have to have money to

be an alpha male anybody can be an alpha

male but when you're a Sigma you have to

always be on top of your game because

you have no distractions this is why

Sigma's are more attractive it's because

they have nothing to prove to nobody but

themselves to be a Sigma medal you have

to be self confident in yourself which

means that you don't walk around with

your head down you walk around with your

head high the difference between the

Sigma and the Alpha the Sigma does not

want to be seen it has the same power as

a regular alpha but it's not looking to

be popular it likes to stick myself and

still get a lot of moves accomplished

that's what makes this Sigma Mel way

more attractive than the alpha male

because the Sigma male has a lot of

mystery you have to understand Sigma's

is more of a mental game to life alpha

males is more of a

dominant thing tonight they're not

trying alpha males want to dominate

everything sickness want to dominate

quietly they don't want to be seen they

want they don't want to draw in the

attention now can you build Sigma Mel

and can you be an alpha male from a beta

yes you can

why because this mind says if someone

tells you you cannot be born an alpha

you cannot be born a Sigma they're right

everybody's born a beta because you have

to be led what makes most men alpha is

actually being rejected it's actually

arm going through the rough parts of

life it's getting hit and getting back

up getting hit and getting back up it's

going through so much pain as a beta

that it makes you stronger and then as

you get older you become more dominant

most men are going to be beta Mouse into

the ages of 25 to 30 when you really

start discovering yourself now when you

come out of this beta phase and you

start moving towards that alpha phase

what's going to make the determination

if you're an alpha male you're just

going to be strong to dominate

everything around you but if your Sigma

male you're strictly gonna focus on the

success your dreams traveling learning

more about life those are what Tigers do

they spend more time hiding lions are

constantly walking around roaring

shirring that dominancy see beta males

when they go out and buy the flashy cars

they're going to Jimmy get big and then

they try to portray this road of

toughness they're trying to mimic what

an alpha male is doing when the alpha

male is running around throwing their

success in your face a sigma male

doesn't throw himself in it doesn't

throw his accomplishments in your face

nine times out of ten people do not know

anything about a Sigma medal the only

way you're gonna learn about a sigma

male you have to be a person that

nitpicks a sigma Melos brain because the

sigma belt it's not just gonna always

come out and say hey I'm this or be


if it doesn't affect their day-to-day

life most Sigma males will not even get

involved in a conversation we're not

even getting bald and a confrontation

would not even debate nine times out of

ten you will not a no a Sigma meal is in

the room because the alpha male does too

much in order to prove dominance II when

the Sigma male does nothing the Sigma

melon is a prime example of killing

people with success see a Sigma melon

gonna brag about what he got but you may

see them as something nice that's what

you have to understand women attract

more to the Sigma meal because the Sigma

Mel has more mysterious things going on

with them that she cannot identify with

see when it comes to alpha males women

are gonna be so used to alpha males it's

unreal they're gonna be used to the law

of God that guy with the muscles the guy

that's trying to intimidate everybody

women are gonna be used to that but they

do it so much this is why women go to

beta males in control beta males because

beta males may have the money beta males

may have it look - but beta males may be

weak in size the only difference is

alphas are more strong inside when it

comes to the Sigma mental you don't know

what they're thinking

why because they move alone Sigma's do

not focus on relationships

Sigma's do not focus on going to the

club they do not focus on being seen

they do not like being part of the Inc

row even though they gain the same

success there are more attractive

because they're the biggest mysterious

mindset that a woman could never figure

out when when it comes to behavior one

thing that a woman masters when it comes

to a guy is his behavior so they treat

men off of men's behavior patterns this

is why women can constantly win over

beta guys and they can piss off a alpha

male because of their

behavior but she can't figure the Sigma

bailout because he's moving at his own

beat he's moving at his own drum and he

barely speaks so she's constantly

chasing something that she can't have

with a signal and that's the difference

between a sigma alpha and a beta we're

going to go ahead and nip this in the

bud because this is Sigma nation you

must decide you're gonna be an alpha or

you're gonna be a sigma the Sigma will

always be successful this is Anthony

Spade hopefully I'll be able to help you

out hasta LaVista

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