The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club ★★★½

(mild spoilers follow)
The Breakfast Club is often regarded as a staple of teen dramas, a genre that doesn't often mesh with my taste, so through this and my knowledge of the occasional questionable scene, watching this was never a priority for me. But now that I've finally watched it, I actually found a lot to enjoy.

Some stuff like the completely unnecessary sexual assault scene is really not great, especially in how it's trivialized and treated as playful. This and the infamous makeover don't make me dislike the movie at all, but they're aspects that I strongly disliked despite being very small. Some minor but gross stuff asides, not a bad movie. Emotionally, I wasn't too attatched, but the central message is solid; the commentary on the overall unfairness of the school system is a great yet unfortunately timeless aspect. I can't say I fully loved this, but some dated or tedious scenes aside, I thought this was pretty enjoyable. And the ending is, at this point, iconic. I definitely understand why this is so revered within the genre, and while I have little urge to see it again I was pretty satisfied by this.

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