The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums ★★★★

Summer Scavenger Hunt #10 (6/25)

As The Royal Tenenbaums is usually considered one of Wes Anderson's defining works, it's funny that I've only gotten to it towards the finish line of his filmography. And it was, more or less, exactly what I was expecting. Stylish, quirky, brimming with oddball sincerity. Not as much so as his later works (as the man seems determined to continually outdo himself with each live-action release), but it might be where he truly stepped into the aesthetic we know him for.

Barring comparisons to the director's subsequent work, it's a plain good movie. Not one I can see myself becoming truly attached to, but it balances darker subject matter and watchability nicely. The emotional moments hit a good deal of the time, despite the deadpan nature of many. And, the performances are wonderful, leaving each character slightly memorable in one way or another. thoughh this maybe wouldn't be as beloved as it is if Margot wasn't adopted, I digress. Go watch this, if it interests you!

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