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  • Clockwatchers



    Clockwatchers deserves to be better known and more widely seen. This was a funny and engaging dramedy with perhaps one of the best cinematic depictions of working in a bullshit office job.

    The humor in the film is very dry and there is an absurdist quality which brings out the inherent silliness and absurdity of "working" mindlessly in the office of a huge company. Like the opening scene where the receptionist refuses to acknowledge Toni Collette's presence until the clock…

  • Freeway



    The oversexed and highly stylized presentation in Freeway made me think of Cruel Intentions, also of course because Reese Witherspoon stars in both. I think it's an appropriate comparison in overall feel. This was a wild ride from start to finish and honestly different than I thought it would be, I guess I expected something a little more conventional? But very little about Freeway is conventional. I certainly didn't expect there to be some surprisingly relevant social commentary either.


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  • Underworld: Evolution

    Underworld: Evolution


    Underworld was a pleasant surprise when I watched it for the first time recently. Unfortunately I can't say the same about the immediate sequel Evolution which I did not enjoy.

    The positive angle is that from a production standpoint, it's much of the same as the first Underworld movie. Some excellent production design and a good mixing of some practical work with CGI. It all looks good just like the first movie.

    But where Evolution goes wrong is the story.…

  • Smile Before Death

    Smile Before Death


    Incredibly dumber, more ridiculous, and skeevier than the first half of my giallo double feature night - but all the more enjoyable.

    Lighter on plot but heavier on sensual photography sessions, Smile Before Death was good fun. The completely unpredictable and bonkers ending sold me on a 3.5 star rating. A very silly but very entertaining giallo all the same.

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  • Don't Breathe

    Don't Breathe


    Just got back from the movie theater and this was intense. Wow. Don't Breathe is a film that easily lives up to the positive buzz and the hype, it is a masterclass in suspense and atmosphere.

    Fede Alvarez's effectively tense and horrifying direction adds to the terrifying performance of Stephen Lang as the blind man who fights back against a trio of young adults who break into his home in search of some cash to make a better life for…

  • The Life of David Gale

    The Life of David Gale


    Ok listen, I'm personally strongly opposed to the death penalty but The Life of David Gale is just stupid and flat out ridiculous. It's a movie that thinks it poignantly opposes the death penalty but in reality is an absurd, dishonest mess that probably does more damage to the cause it champions. The story is framed by Kate Winslet's character, reporter Bitsey interviewing Kevin Spacey's David Gale about his crimes on death row. Gale is a former anti-death penalty advocate…