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  • Sex and the Single Girl

    Sex and the Single Girl


    Reading the reviews for this film is like reading the comments section of an Onion video. Of course with any satire, you run the risk of people not getting it and taking it at face value (see Fight Club, Starship Troopers) which unfortunately seems to be the case here. Sex and the Single Girl is a 1960s sex comedy satire of a 1960s sex comedy, playing and making fun of everything in the genre.

    You have Tony Curtis referencing Jack…

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  • Hereditary



    Halloween 2018 Horror Challenge

    For several days after watching Hereditary, I was really unsure of what to make of what i just watched as it was certainly a unique experience. I had no idea how to rate the film (and really still don't). Toni Collette is fantastic and I suspect she carries a lot of the film on her shoulders. The family drama and psychological aspects were very intriguing but I just feel like the second half of the third…

  • Dollars



    Dollars is a forgotten but interesting heist-comedy set in West Germany where Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn conspire to rob the safety deposit boxes of other criminals. One of the subplots of the film involves acid, and I highly suspect that writer/director Richard Brooks was dropping some when writing this film, because the first forty minutes of Dollars is nearly incomprehensible to understand. Even after then, the film is quite weird and the Hawn comedy inserts don't quite match with…

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  • Logan



    Film 1/31 of March 2017 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #6: A film in theaters

    I really don't want to overhype Logan for anyone, but for me this film absolutely lived up to what I hoped it could be. This is the first superhero movie I've ever seen that had more authentic seeming drama and action than it did the typical things you'd expect from the genre. Logan really feels like it is telling its own stories about characters that happen…

  • Don't Breathe

    Don't Breathe


    Just got back from the movie theater and this was intense. Wow. Don't Breathe is a film that easily lives up to the positive buzz and the hype, it is a masterclass in suspense and atmosphere.

    Fede Alvarez's effectively tense and horrifying direction adds to the terrifying performance of Stephen Lang as the blind man who fights back against a trio of young adults who break into his home in search of some cash to make a better life for…