A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★½

Halloween 2018 Horror Challenge

Finally caught up to A Quiet Place, a film that I was too busy to see in theaters but which I thought looked awesome as just a concept for a horror movie and knew I had to watch it eventually. Overall, I didn't love A Quiet Place as much as some of the raving reviews, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly while watching, the acting and directing is strong, and the concept definitely works.

Very few lines of dialogue are spoken, some is signed, but most of the movie the characters are appropriately quiet. The film utilizes a great farm location and is shot well by Krasinski, and in the quiet moments I did start wondering about how A Quiet Place would look as an actual silent film, my mind went German Expressionist style and that amused me. But A Quiet Place really isn't a silent or neo-silent film, it's just a film without much dialogue and I think stands in a category all on its own.

If I were to level a real criticism of this film I would have to criticize the musical score. It is serviceable or forgettable most of the time when a score really should have been such an important consideration to help carry a film without dialogue. I also must mention that the score is composed by Marco Beltrami and one of the themes (usually played when the creatures are near) is blatantly ripped from Logan, another Beltrami scored film. I'm hardly an expert on film music and usually don't notice things like that, so it's not good if I am picking up on that of all people.

But other than that A Quiet Place does succeed as a horror/thriller film about a family living in a quiet post-apocalypse. The concept is well worth checking out for anyone intrigued by it, even if I think the film itself is just missing that extra ingredient to catapult it into greatness for me.

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